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Dear Friends,

With immense joy, I wish to share with you my joy while watching live webcast of Pope Francis’ pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This pilgrimage of ‘Peter’ in persona Papa Francisco is a significant milestone in the history of the Catholic Church. The desire which the first Pope of the Apostolic Catholic Church – Peter had of spreading the message of salvation through the Risen Jesus Christ, is re-manifested in this historic visit of Pope Francis.

From walking on the very soil upon Our Blessed Lord Jesus walked with His disciples, St. Peter himself, in the person of Pope Francis has chosen to lead us all through the very humility, suffering, love, mercy, compassion and worship which he and his fellow Apostles experienced with their Master Jesu.

During these ‘holy hours’ of our Shepherd – the Vicar of Christ – Pope Francis, in the Holy Land, let us pray to The Lord Almighty, that He may answer the prayers of the Holy Father and that may this his pilgrimage be symbolic to peace and unity between all people living in this land, irrespective of religion, creed or social status. May The Lord fortify the spirit of ecumenism between Christian communities, uplift the inevitable need for dignity of life for all of mankind. May this pilgrimage of Pope Francis sow the seed of Christ’s mercy & love in the hearts of all political, economical, religious and social leaders and administrators. May the fruit of New Evangelization bear much fruit in this most Holy Land, where God himself chose to live. Amen.