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Lenten Reflection: Day 13

Gospel, Luke 6:36-38

The Latin phrase, “Si vis pacem, para pactum” which means ‘if you want peace, agree to keep the peace’; though is simple, yet speaks eloquently as a prelude for today’s Gospel theme of compassionate judgement. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that war should be the last resort against an enemy, only after efforts such as peaceful dialogue, negotiation, cooperation, justifiable compromise and mercy has been desired and put in to action (see CCC para 2309). These efforts to eradicate the need to wage war, take human life and destroy property as well as the environment, grow only with the blossoming of seeds of compassion within the two parties that are at loggerheads with each other.

The measure of destruction as well as loss of life and property rises to leaps and bounds as and how the viciousness of the human mind becomes more and more inhumane and terrorizing. Today, the world is engulfed with a thick black smoke of dense corruption of evil. ‘The smoke of Satan’ as referred by Pope Paul VI to indescribable evil. Today we can clearly see that this abominable smoulder has seeped in to the whole world, growing fierce by the moment. Numerous infants, children, men and women both young and old are been traumatized, persecuted and slaughtered mercilessly as cattle.


If this is the horror that the human mortal life faces, then there is also another form of frightful suffering, hidden deep inside the victim’s mind, heart and conscience. This is that volcano which rumbles within those who are quick to condemn, accuse, denounce, gossip, slander and alienate. The lava that erupts out of this volcano first creates a dense cloud of hatred and lies, which makes truth to suffocate and be concealed; sometimes for a little while but sometimes for a very long time, ensuing peace of body and spirit to be lost in oblivion. Then this boiling hot prejudice and judgemental vice, burns every aspect of love, humility, understanding and peace.


Compassion therefore, is the most essential virtue to ignite a spirit of love, to cultivate a culture of peace and constantly flourish a world of hope and justice. When we stand before the Most High King who; seated on His throne of eternal justice, judges every single soul that ever existed, will be made to account for everything thought, spoken and done. But this eternal and most righteous judge will judge us by compassion, because the judgement of God is mercy.


Nevertheless, no vice nor malice will escape His blameless judgement. For this sake, it is written in The Word of God, “…the standard you use (to judge) will be the standard used for you.” Therefore, my dear friends, let us always remember and desire to let God be the judge of all. He is “merciful and gracious, slow to anger and rich in love”(Psalm 145:8). Amen.