The human family comes together in times of celebration as well in times of crisis. I am sure you have witnessed this people characteristic when given the opportunity. Celebration and crisis provoke a flood of emotions and ideas within minds and are detrimental to how we conduct ourselves in those circumstances. 

As Christians, we know that we are truly more than just a human family, we are members of the body of Christ. The Church (Catholic) which is the beacon of the Truth on earth, the moral and spiritual compass of souls, is not only the ‘Corpus Christi’, but is also a powerful institution, an organisation which lubricates the levitation of human souls from their earthly realm to the heavenly kingdom. The organisation has been robust with pragmatic leaders and history makers (for many a good reason as well as not so good ones). 

suffering christ

The mystical body of Christ – the Church has scars of suffering and persecution, it also has the stench of abuse and scandal. The human body of Christ bore the most heaviest of burdens (sin) upon it’s immaculate self. It witnessed the trauma of public ridicule, threats to life, mockery, and unimaginable beating before it could face the ignominious pain of death on a cross. The human heart and mind of our Lord Jesus has experienced great joy and great sorrow, unmatched wisdom and knowledge. By the ‘descend of the Holy Spirit’, Christ has bestowed upon the grace and power to withstand sorrow and be deserving of much joy. 

Today, as the Church is witnessing a very testing time, I cant but stop myself from asking a question which directly also questions my conscience. Child molestation by the clergy and the cover-up of this ghastly crime and abomination by high ranking clergymen like Bishops and Cardinals, has left a pain in my very gut. Without getting into the details of how this evil, this shameful attribution of our holy Mother Church, has been perpetrated, repeated and immorally covered-up, I would swiftly bring to attention the necessity of a robust life of personal holiness. A promise of unfailing commitment to sacramental life. To undeterred hope in the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit and to humble and prayerful faithfulness to the Vicar of Christ (Pope) on earth. 

pope francis

I am Catholic, because my Lord and Saviour Jesus chose me to be one. I am Catholic because He has poured His abundance of love and mercy in my life through His wounded yet holy Church. I am Catholic because I confirmed my faithfulness to her with God as my witness and vowed to be faithful to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do me part. 

It is time for me and you my beloved Christian, to be Jesus on earth. It is time to put that lamp of faith upon high ground that all may see and follow. It is time to mingle the salt of righteousness in the soil of folly so that the seekers of truth may find Christ even if the passing fog of scam and evil veils the eyes of our hearts and minds. 

~ J R A